Stardew valley farm layout planner

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Stardew valley farm layout planner

Hello all! We have just released v1 of RoboRobina tool to allow you to add more than 4 players to a multiplayer savegame by editing the save to add extra cabins. It looks like this:. This is primarily useful for people who want to have more than four people in a multiplayer game. Worth a mention as well is that another programmer, tfitzreleased their own cabin-adder earlier today, which can swap the active player with a farmhand, a really useful feature!

As usual, if you find any issues, please contact us or file an issue on GitHub! We have updated the site to add support for the Stardew Valley 1. This has only basic support for multiplayer savegames - specifically, it will probably refuse to work if you have married one of your farmhands.

Stardew Valley Farm Layout Guide, Setup Planner, and Design Tips

Over the next week we will improve support for multiplayer savegames, and I'll post again when the site is updated with that. As always, if you come across any bugs or problems please email us or report the issue on GitHub! It produces gifs that look something like this. Supporters can download the application from the account page. After months of deliberations, we have today launched our Patreon campaign! Going forward, we are hoping the community will help us with this.

As a thank you to those who support us, we have also developed an auto-uploader tool currently for Windows only which will run alongside Stardew Valley and backup your savegames, as well as automatically uploading them to upload. We hope you will find this useful! In addition to this, we have updated the site to use SSL, which in practice means that your connections are more secure.

As always, if you find any bugs with the updated site, please don't hesitate to contact us! We have now pushed a hotfix for this which will require anyone whose account was affected by the bug to reset their password.

Please let us know if problems persist! It seems a bug was introduced in the server upgrade causing new users get an Internal Server Error when trying to log in. We're working to fix this, apologies! Took 0. Stardew Valley Summary Generator.

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stardew valley farm layout planner

Global Achievements. Tristin View Profile View Posts. I'll just be planting it once for 3 seasons. Since I have estimate crops, I'll have to make seeds for next year in Seed Maker, so yearly, about ancient fruit subtracted from the total. I kept Slime Hutch and Bee House for the sake of having all the game contents on the farm; they're pretty useless later on. Space reserved by trees on bottom could be later be made usable to move around the farm for aesthetic purposes, but for now focusing on the crops.

Your thoughts? Last edited by Tristin ; 9 Feb pm. Showing 1 - 15 of 24 comments. Turtleswatter View Profile View Posts. It's how you like to play the game really. I prefer a prettier downscaled. I'm the same as you though that nothing goes out without being processed in some way. I'm a bit mad in that I love the early days where you're short of energy and resources, so once I've got everything I tend to start a new farm. Originally posted by Turtleswatter :. Originally posted by Tristin :.

Originally posted by ehyder :. Can i play MP using my single player farm? In the greenhouse you plant your ancient fruit once on tiles and after a season it will produce ancient fruits every week, requiring kegs to turn them into wine. If you use speed-gro, you can get an additional harvest.

The best Stardew Valley farm layouts: Sow the seeds of victory

If you use one harvest to get seeds for next year, there are 8 harvests left to process into wine. A keg produces wine roughly every week, so it can process 16 fruits per year.Farming is the most important part of Stardew Valley, undoubtedly.

It is the most powerful and secure way to get many various materials, which you can later use for your own purposes or sell. The main point of playing this game is to relax and enjoy yourself, so farming is not very complicated here.

However, you can always improve farming results and experience with a help of various tips, which we are going to share with you in this Stardew Valley farming guide. As farming takes a very important part in this game, careful planning is necessary. Many new players do no plan at all and just go nuts with building. Remember that once you start building your farm, you will hardly have any will to rebuild it later.

So, if you build your whole farm in the fastest way possible and without any planning — you may regret your actions later. The most important piece of farm planning is deciding, where all types of crops, trees and animals should be located. So, the question still is — how to plan? What to use?

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We would recommend you to check online Stardew Valley farm planner. This tool gives you an empty in-game area, so that you could plan all your crop, path and other farm locations.

stardew valley farm layout planner

The tool itself is very simple, beautiful and useful. Whether you are a new or an experienced Stardew Valley player, you have to know and remember the necessary farming actions in order to run your farm successfully. Here are the most important parts of farming:. Watering can — you get a watering can in the beginning of the game already. You can upgrade it by bringing it to the shop. Remember — upgrading takes exactly two days to complete your watering can.

As you have only one watering can, you will not be able to water your plants for one day while upgrading a can.Farms can be centered on crops, livestock, machines or even flowers. You can keep it mechanical and efficient, or prioritize a pretty and welcoming atmosphere. The NPCs as well have received an extra heart event to make their stories more interesting. Above all, now is the time if ever to return to this game and give it some much-needed love. To inspire players in their brand new playthrough, we've added two additional farm designs that hopefully will help farmers plan out how to best produce their crops and other resources.

It might not look the best, but there's a place and purpose for everything. The middle part is dedicated for crops and trees to ensure there's a steady flow of wood and income from crops. On the left side, all things "animal" are featured, with a rather small and compact grass area.

Animals might not have a ton of freedom roaming in this area, this layout definitely allows players to maximize profit quickly. The deep forest farm type provides a lush, natural environment. However, at the same time it takes away some much needed space to make the biggest, most efficient farm. Luckily there are still ways to make it work. Here, crops are at the center, organized tidily wherever space allows.

The rest of the free space is used to create slightly more natural enclosures for the farm animals. The line between the paved paths and the grass fields in front of the barns ensures that there's a division between natural space, as well as organization. In this layout in particular, it's nice to see these two styles walk hand in hand efficiently. This layout puts the original focus of any farm at the center of everything: crops. Dividing them into neat, symmetrical sections makes it easier to separate the different types.

With all the tillable land that a Standard Farm brings, putting iridium sprinklers to use is the most efficient way to make use of that space, and farm as many profitable goods as possible. Putting barns and coops at the top of the map allows you to house livestock while keeping the focus on the crops. The sheds down the side of the map can be used to house kegs or preserve jars, acting like a little brewery.

The stable by the entrance also allows quick access to town with your trusty steed. This variation of the Forest Farm is very aesthetically pleasing, but still efficient with the rectangular plots for crops, complete with iridium sprinklers.

The little flower patch at the bottom is also complemented by the bee houses, allowing you to make flavored honey throughout the year apart from Winter. The windmill works nicely as a central feature as well. Placing the sheds on either side of the greenhouse is a nice idea; it makes for quick trips for year-round crops to the kegs or jars indoors, making artisanal production swift and easy.

This Standard Farm layout is divided nice and clearly. The coop and barn sharing a large enclosure in the top-left means that large animals and coop animals can both be in the space, which creates a warm, inviting feel. The square plots of land on the right-hand side make a really good way to farm, with a space square per crop to keep things simple and organized. Check out this example of the Hill-top farm map.

The shed is a good addition to the South-West hilltop, which also leaves space for rocks and nodes to spawn for mining. The stone floor covering the area with crystal floor being used as a path adds a real mythical atmosphere. The vineyard area in the bottom-left corner works well, with the sprinklers allowing several columns of crops to grow, with space to run in between them to harvest the goods.

The scarecrows getting cozy with the crops conserves space, making a compact crops area in the middle of the map. When it comes to the Riverland option of all the farm mapsspace for crops is more limited, so this design is a great solution.Sometimes it can be extremely hard starting a new farm, looking at an empty canvas, and having absolutely no idea what to do with it.

Here, I hope to show you some fun yet organized ways to get a functioning and cute farm up and running in no time. A beautiful yet simple layout that really captures the main farming aspect of the game. This farm is simple and sweet. The clarity makes it easy to maintain as well as get around. Again, the simplicity of this farm makes it inviting.

There are tons of crops planted, two orchards at the bottom, as well as plenty of room for the animals too roam. Always having room for improvement is a good way to keep gameplay interesting. She filled in the spaces, which overall completed this layout. However, Andrea nailed it with the stone path that seems too connect the entire farm together and I am living for it.

It's a little messy, but this layout was entirely too cute and thought out for me to pass up. I just want to say, snaps for this layout. I want to say it's crowded, but at the same time, it actually isn't and it almost annoys me how much I love it.

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JeanLuc managed to incorporate a messy vibe at the same time as projecting a ton of functionality well. You can tell the planning on this farm was thought out. The creator placed everything separately, which makes it extremely easy to know which areas are for farming, gathering, and taking care of all of their animals.

Does anyone else get gypsy fairy vibes from this? I do, and I love it.

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The use of all of the greenery was an amazing choice to liven up what otherwise could have been a very dull farm. I love that he added crab pots to his own farm in the bottom lake. I never put crab pots on my farm, and in fact the idea never crossed my mind. Adding any other way to make a profit will always catch my attention. To recreate this layout, click here.

Is it wierd that I love the name of this farm just as much as the actual layout? Maybe a little. This farm has a lot of just that; farming. In Stardew Valley there are multiple ways to make money but the main way is obviously farming.

Personally, I love a layout that focuses on the main farming aspect of the game. Depending on your play style, if you love farming, this farm is all about it and organized well to do so. In Stardew, your grandfather gifts you his farm after passing away and the main gist of the game is to get as many milestones done as you can before his return on year 3 so that he can rate your farm and work.

The fact that this creator made the shrine more noticable and memorable was a sweet touch. The silos aligned against the bottom left hill is amazing.

I always have issues on randomly placing my silos throughout my farm and had no idea they lined up in that position perfectly. To recreate this layout, click here for a closer look.

The sectional design of this farm made it stand out to me. There's plenty of farming, gathering, and ways to get artisan goods going in this layout and it all seems to mesh well.Since Stardew Valley launched in Februarymillions of players have given up the harsh daily grind of the city for the peaceful, idyllic farmer lifestyle.

But there's a lot to do in Stardew Valley, and without a clear farm plan in mind, it can feel like some goals are a long way off, even when you're progressing steadily and avoiding passing out in the street at 2 am. For farmers who've taken up hoe and axe for several seasons but still feel like they have a ways to go, here's a clear plan explaining how to transform your farm from a run down mess into fine-tuned operation.

For more farming advice, check out our broader Stardew Valley guideour list of the best Stardew Valley modsand our tips for Stardew Valley multiplayer.

One of the most daunting tasks for new Stardew Valley players is the absolute mess of a farm you start the game with. Left to the wild will of mother nature, your new farm is overgrown with trees, grass, rocks, and all manner of other detritus—a far cry from some of the immaculate creations in our gallery of farms.

Cleaning the whole thing up not only gives you a great sense of accomplishment, it gives you a nice blank canvas to start with. But cleaning up your farm is not just a good move for new players—it's also a good idea for players who haphazardly placed their first few farm buildings and are now left with a disorganized, inefficient system to manage. As with any large-scale overhaul, it's easier to start fresh and build anew than fix a broken system piece by piece. It might seem like moving backwards, but the best way to start planning out a well-organized farm is to detach from emotion and burn it all to the ground.

Chop the trees, bust the rocks, sell off your animals having to tend to daily feed, love, and milkings is just another distractionand destroy all the buildings. The fresh slate of an empty farm is now our canvas. Stardew Valley is, quite obviously, a game about farming. But there's quite a few items you're going to need—especially for our goal of total domination here—a lot of which can't just be planted and grown.

Wood and coal are two of the most valuable resources in building the machines than transmute your crops and other items into high-value artisan goods. And since the machines take time to process, having more to run at once is better. Wood—okay, that one can be planted and grown, but I suggest doing so with a bit of purpose rather than letting nature run wild. I've found a grid trees with two spaces between them works best. It allows for high tree density while still leaving space for your horse to run in between.

Stumps don't regrow into trees thanks Emma for pointing that out! You can use any seeds you like for your tree farm, but be sure to dedicate a section of Oak Trees for Tappers. We're going to need a lot of Oak Resin later on, so start collecting it now. Coal is the next thing you'll need for crafting machines and smelting metal bars we'll need a lot of those too. But since it drops only sometimes from busting up rocks, it can be tough to farm efficiently.

One method, of course, is to simply buy coal in bulk from the blacksmith. But you're going to need a lot, and money might be tight on your farm.

Your best bet is to delve into the mines, as the Dust Sprites that appear on levels have a 50 percent coal drop rate—and they usually appear in swarms. Take the elevator down to level 50 if you're not there yet, we'll cover that shortly and wreck through the next five or ten levels collect iron ore along the way—we need that too then hop back in the elevator at level 60 or 65 and repeat the process. As an added bonus, the Adventurer's Guild reward for killing Dust Sprites earns you the Burglar's Ring—which doubles the drop rate of items from monsters, speeding up the process even further.

Not every farmer is a great swashbuckler, and for some the mines are a vast, untapped land. Fortunately, it's fairly easy to quickly forge a path into their depths. Before you do, though, spend a few days upgrading your pickaxe, as a golden one will help you blow through the early mine levels.For more info on Stardew Valley check out the official website here. Also, check my status and uploaded farm here.

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Stardew Valley is one of my favorite farming game. Specifically, I want to share some thoughts and ideas on planning an efficient farm layout for the standard farm map. Crop is money. So if we want to make the layout most productive, we should focus on the crop field first. We can put more crop fields there but to maintain balance and aesthetic and also because I planned to include all the exclusives on the farmI only did that much.

I went with 5 junimo huts on my 5th year and I felt that it was almost too profitable especially because I always process the fruits to wines or jellies and it would be overkill and honestly boring to manage too many fruits in the vanilla game after you bought all the buildings. By the way, some tips for planting ancient fruits:. A little note about the crop field design: you can make it even more efficient by, instead, placing only two scarecrows on each left and right side of the junimo huts to cover all nine iridium sprinklers.

To give you some context: with the optimal design, the six junimo huts can produce 1, ancient fruits each. If you process them all into wine and sell them using Artisan profession, you can net 2, G for every harvest that is easily 10M G in a month.

On the right side of the farm resides the processing block consists of two sheds of kegs, three of jars, one shed of diamond farm and one for mineral bars and trash.

stardew valley farm layout planner

The total is six sheds. Right beside every shed, you can put one equipment as a sign of what is inside.

stardew valley farm layout planner

Now, why put the processing block if we can put those kegs, jars and whatever outside the farm? The answer is because we will save space by using sheds and at least we will make some of the equipment closer to reach.

To maximize the profit from those thousands of crops, you need thousands of processing equipment pieces. Luckily, you can optimize areas like the quarry, the road, and tunnel beside the bus stop to place equipment via the wiki :. Oh, and jars are always more profitable than kegs, actually, if we count the profit by gold per day.

I personally like to prepare the fruits that I want to process beforehand. For example, I would prepare 68 separated fruits in a storage slot in my bag to be processed in 67 kegs inside a shed and a keg outside of it. This kind of preparation helps me find out how many kegs I left out if I miss any. The most profitable ones are pigs. I made two areas for the animals: the bottom one for pigs the profit area and the upper one for all the other animals the peaceful area lol.

The four fully upgraded barn can host 52 pigs and therefore can net at least 50, G per day using Botanist profession if producing truffle is possible at all that is, except winter and rainy day. The profit can be doubled or even almost tripled under optimal conditions. On the other hand, the peaceful area is more like the real animal area lol. You can easily check the silo. The grass there could potentially sustain themselves and there is enough space for animals to wander around.

Stardew Valley Farm Tour & Decorating Tips

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